Upcoming show alert! Veggie Tales: All Grown Up

Friday, April 30, 2021, Big Legrowlski in Portland
Doors open at 7:30, show at 8:15…ish (it’s show biz, folks!)

I am not in this one, but it’s gonna be funny.  We all know the produce jokes.  Now add in a religious kids’ tv show about veggies!  Singing along is encouraged.  I’ll be honest—I predate the target audience for this show, so I don’t know the songs, and didn’t even know there were any.  It’ll be interesting to see who does though, and who sings!  The audience might be part of the entertainment!!

Casting includes:

Paige Rustles
Nissa Moore Spoons
Witch Prince
Kitten A Round
Anita Rage
Pinky LaRue
Irish Lashes
Little Lioness

Now the usually gritty!

More information is on the event’s Facebook page, and tickets can be obtained at EventBrite or by emailing LittleLionessProductions@gmail.com. You can come see in person or get an online ticket. 🙂  In-person seating is limited and distanced and such, and seating is tiered. Closest seating is $25, and then it goes down from there.  Online viewing is a flat $10.  At the show in person, a tip kitten goes around with a tip bucket, or tipping can be via Venmo or CashApp, and I do encourage it. Take my word on this…the ensembles are very expensive to make! I honestly don’t know how anyone can make a living out of this with as much as it costs to do, but artists are called “starving artists” for a reason that can be very literal!









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